Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots of pictures to come shortly!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Driggs ID (well Alta WY)

Christmas this year was spent in a dope cabin in Alta WY-six miles from Driggs ID . My family being spread out right now, with a sister at BYUI, A brother at BYU, me here in CDA, my parents in South Carolina decided to make this Christmas easy and close to everyone else. Not to mention that my sister -in- law Amber is Prego and due at the end of the month and can't travel! But hey I am understanding that we had to change all plans to accommodate her. no big deal. well at first I was bummed out not to go home to South Cakalaki, but I quickly realized how fun this was going to be. I wish i could share with you more of the 897 pictures on this first CD my mom sent me with 353 m0re to come in the mail shortly ( she is wonderful and very thorough) but I will harness myself for now and you can come check them out on my awesome new digital pic frame I got for Xmas from my hubby it hold 4000 pictures YEAH!Ok I got off track...but really we had a great time! We went to Jackson Hole and took a sleigh ride through the elk reservation, that was pretty awesome although cold with a 20 month old who wants to get out of the sleigh and play with the elk!Not to mention talking loudly over the tour guide while trying desperately to stick his let over the edge. It makes you a little nervous when at the beginning of the ride they say if anything falls off you have to leave it there, hats, gloves, children! For real they said that! After that we went to BUBBAS to get some BBQ and it was good, until about 11:00pm. It must have been enhanced by the nasty aroma coming out of some one's fanny that started the nausea that I was feeling( I won't mention names but she is a women!)But at 1:30 am it death... you know how it feels,FOOD POISONING! It never goes away! I must have sat on the pot all night with my head in a trash bag, while my poor Dad ran down the hall trying to rescue me while going through the same thing!Meanwhile the snow has never stopped coming down and it is a beautiful winter wonderland.Ayden played with his cousin Corbin and they both feed off each others knowledge like sponges, by the time we left Ayden was saying Ta Dah! When he climbs up on things like Corbin and Corbin was saying Cool Car like Ayden! Our nights were full of Rock band memories and Hand and Foot(even though Mark and Kristen Cheat stacking James and my decks with 10 red threes) Red threes are -500 points!But it's ok we still won! Mark and James built an Igloo big enough for two adults to lie down in and Ayden can stand straight up! With some cross country skiing,hot tub relaxing, snow tubing behind a sleigh of horses, Family home cooking, it was a overall awesome Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok so I am trying!

It has been an eventful month getting ready for Christmas and all the Jazz! You know with the release of Twilight, stuffing my face with turkey, going to Costco on Black Friday, and playing with my awesome little sister who came to visit.( I say little but she is now 22 and Pregnant! Yeah!) I have been shopping for Christmas presents and trying desperately to think of something for Mark! Which is usually easy for me to be thoughtful and think of something I am so excited to give him that I can't wait so I hint at him untill he says "Xan I don't want to know! Unlike you I like to be surprised!"But this year I am feeling crappy! I have nothing! NOTHING! Someone, somewhere, help me think what to get my spoiled handsome husband. I say spoiled because he is like every man who buys what they want whenever, so there is nothing to get them! For those of you who are also still working on Christmas I want you to know at Macy's it is Friends and family week so until Monday you get an extra 20% off everything!Things that are already 40-50 % off! The men's dept has awesome INC jeans on sale for $20! Then you get 20% off! they were 15.99 it was a great deal! so if your man runs through jeans as fast as mine you should get on that!Ok well I found a hundred other good deals so let me know if you need any help finding something for someone for a deal! The only problem is I don't know how to respond to any comments cause I don't really know what I am doing on this thing so any help would be awesome!
I am sure everyone knows I am trying to get knocked up right now and have been off birth control since Ayden was born 19months ago! Annie asked me if I am on fertility drugs yet but since I don't know how to write back comments I am broadcasting it! No I was to late this month and the Dr. wants me to lose some weight and then get one of those "follow the dye around your uterus tests" then I will get on the Drugs! Now that I gave everyone TMI...these are my last comments to the people who MIGHT read this...Corrin I hope your family is better and I saw your hott husband in North Town! Annie I found your treat on my door, that was sooooo nice! I was really sad because a neighborhood dog named Strech was eating them when we pulled in last night at 11:30! but they looked awesome and I salvage an untouched covered pretzel!Jessica it was great shopping with you yesterday! Kristin I wish you still lived in Washington too! Lindsey
I miss you and can't wait to see you at Christmas! I don't think any one else might look at this but if you do let me know so I can make this more intersting!