Thursday, August 9, 2007


I thought as soon as I had Ayden I was going to have motivation to loose weight! I mean really, your body goes through this huge change(from hot to NOT)! No I am kidding but really I don't think we as women took time before we had a baby to realize although we thought we may not have been in optimum shape then, it was way better than now! I mean really, it's not like we have to be pregnant for nine /ten months, have morning sickness, watch our bodies expand, have mood swings, still feel the need to satisfy our husbands, and then GET STRETCHMARKS! I really thought I was going to be like elastagirl and go right back to normal! WRONG! My cravings seem 100 times worse now! I am a chocoholic ( did I mention it tends to give Ayden gas and I still do it!) Bad mommy bad! Well I am just getting him used to it, it doesn't seem to bother him anymore, besides they say broccoli can give a baby gas but nobody ever tells anyone to give up the broccoli. As for the whole body thing, I realize it is going to take time,and that I might actually have to try some disipline, I mean I look at my body and think eww gross! ( I mean nasty, sorry Kristen!) but then i don't do a thing about it! I always say I don't have time, but if I would just take time out from kissing and starring at my beautiful son , I would have all the time in the world!And although my body has gone through some tough changes, I look at my battle wounds and think MAN WAS THAT WORTH IT! and the thing is, I know I will do it again!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I gave in!

OK so yes I am a first time mom and I can be a little anal with somethings, Like the fact that I was not going to take my son on the boat until next summer when he is over a year old because he is just too little to be going out on the boat ! So everyone gave me a hard time about how anal and protective I am, because I don't like dirty little kid hands groping all over my son, I always have to be around him( so it seems) and I wouldn't let him go on the boat.Then my mother and father- in-law bought a pontoon boat and though I told Mark NO a ton of times I finally gave in! I don't know if it was the sitting at home while everyone else went out on the lake having a great time,watching HGTV all day even when I am not at my own house, or the fact that I could be loosing up, but I gave in! And boy does my little man love it!He loves to ride around and look at everybody who is on the boat and in just a few short minutes that kid is out! And although I am still right by his side, it is nice to be out in the fresh air, beautiful lake, and not to mention the Adult conversation!