Friday, July 8, 2011


Brie Michelle Pulsipher
Born:June 15 th 6:40 pm
Spokane Valley, WA
7 pounds 12 ounces 19 1/2 inches long.

Brie is an amazing little girl! It is so crazy how well she fits into our little family.She is such a little mix of all of us, it is hard to say who she looks like! At her two week checkup she weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces! She is a great little eater and seriously good sleeper! I have had to wake her up to feed her bc I couldn't handle it anymore! Ayden and London are totally in love with her! I have to constantly be watching where London is because she is always trying to get into the crib with Brie while Brie is napping. (this has not happened bc I follow her into the room and witness the whole thing so nobody freak out!) Ayden is always asking if he can give her a "soft " kiss which is so sweet of him. "Soft" has become the most overused word in our house lately! Every sentence ends or begins with soft! London kisses with her tongue so that is interesting with a baby who is routing around! Overall the adjustment has been amazing, a little tweeking here or there but over all our little family( that has grown at a rapid rate) is doing really really well! I just don't plan on going to the store by myself with 3 kids anytime soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

What? Holy crap Xan is posting a blog! well I know nobody ever reads it so who cares that I haven't updated in like six months! The truth is, I really just want somewhere to complain! I want to voice my complaint and then I will probably shut up for months again.
Complaint #1- Dear Coeur d' Alene, ID, Though you are a beautiful place full of trees and wonderful people, I am so sick of you I can't even believe it! Yes, You have given me the greatest group of friends a girl could ask for, yes you gave me a beautiful place to build a beautiful house, yes both of my amazing children were born just over your border in the valley. But really lately you have done nothing but bring me misery. Call it hormones, call me whinny, I don't care what you call me but if you don't bring me some sun before the end of this month I am trading you in for blue skies and hot weather! Don't believe me? WATCH ME! I am house hunting on this computer every night! So, word to the wise BRIGHTEN UP OR I AM OUT!

Complaint #2- Dear Baby Brie, (growing inside my belly) Although I already love you more than you can imagine, and am so excited that we are almost 3o weeks along! Now that you are not making me throw up every single day I was wondering if you could try to stop shoving your heel into my rib cage? No big deal it is just hey girl we have ten weeks and some change to go and you are already taking up quite a bit of room! You know I love you but if you don't stop begging me for reese's peanut butter cups we are both going to be huge! Personally I love you huge, but me, not so much!

My final complaint- Dear Father Time, where in the heck have you gone? Is my perfect, darling little boy really going to be 4 on the 25th? My amazingly handsome Husband going to be the big 30 on the 19th!? How in the world did time go by so fast?

Ok, I will stop complaining and tell whoever may read this I am really not crazy! Pregnant and obnoxious...yes... but not in need of complete daily meds (well right now) Life is just life and it is speeding by at a rapid rate. I just realized that I am going to have three kids in a couple of months and have been married for 7 years! It has been the most wonderful time in my life, seriously. Here are some pictures of us lately just so you can see how much my kids have grown! They are the most precious things in this world! Don't agree?you don't have too! I already know!=)