Thursday, February 19, 2009

My boys ready for church

A fun weekend!

Well this weekend was really eventful for us here in North Idaho! It started out with an amazingly fun girls night on Friday filled with lots of shopping and then going to see the new Shopaholic movie at like 10pm! Normally I am a night owl, but after walking around in 3inch heels for like 4 hours which I would normally have no problem with but given my current situation I am just too weak to do that again any time soon!After staying out till after 1 am I was awoken on Valentines Day with something that can only be appreciated here in North Idaho! Going shooting! Oh yes girls I said it, not breakfast in bed with a romantic agenda, I got "Women get that kid dressed we are supposed to be there in 5 minutes!"Actually I am not going to lie, I busted out my hick accent and went to town! I love target shooting although having a kid there may seem crazy, Ayden loved watching and asked his Dad if he could shoot a gun! I know we seem nuts but everything is really safety oriented with ear plugs and kids being far away from the action. After a fun day out in the cold shooting lots of different guns we went home to get ready for our night out! We decided to have a fondue dinner party at our friend Tiffany's house then go to the dance! It was overall a fun weekend filled with hilarious memories and lots of great pictures!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aww Crap!

Just when I thought I was going to get away without morning sickness, the beast happened! AAAAHH I just want to scream! I hate feeling like crap and getting sick and poor Ayden is like "What the heck is going on MOM?" This is why I needed to knock two out with one shot, so I don't have to feel like this but a few more times! The only positive I can think of for this is I could possibly drop a few unhealthy pounds I got going on. Other than that I forgot how much I love the beginning of pregnancy! So enough of this pity party. I wanted to write that Tiffany Duce is having a pure romance =)~ party the week of Valentines Day, so if you want something sexy for your man you should come! I forgot all the details but let me know if you want to come, they have EVERYTHING at these parties from nighties to other THINGS...ok enough about that Carrie this is my shot out to you... although you need no help with procreating come to the party and get some fun stuff!