Friday, January 30, 2009

It can be done!

Ok well I wasn't going to tell many people that we finally got pregnant until we were further along and this picture on the side of the screen stopped looking like another life form, but Guess what? We are pregnant! I realized the secret wasn't going to be kept long when I passed by in the hall at church on Sunday and my husbands friends would give me the thumbs up from the classrooms, I finally said What is Going on? "Oh congrats on being knocked up!" ,"AWESOME!","See I knew Mark was a straight shooter!" And men say women can't keep a secret! So we went to the Dr. on wed this week and everything looks good. We also are not having multiples to Marks excitement. I was pretty much game for whatever but looks like the Lord knows what I can handle!
Ayden is doing awesome even though he is creeping toward that terrible two stage where he likes to tell me NO! But he really is a funny kid! He is trying to talk so hard but can't figure out all of the words. some of my favorite things he says are... when he wants to watch movies he says mooves, and then he says Horton the best, but Shek for shrek, Roar for lion King, And Nebo for Nemo, vroom vroom for Cars, even though he can say Car. He also loves to point to things or pick them up and say who's they are, like mommies shoes, dad's hat, mine ock(sock) . Anyway you get the point he is growing so fast! He loves to run around and play! He is All BOY! Right now he is saying help me, so I gotta go but have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mark's Mistake

I forgot to tell ya"ll the greatest story about what happened in Driggs... Mark is a jokester as I am sure ya'll already know and if you don't know that about him , be thankful! He decided it would be funny to tackle my Dad and shove his face in the snow(according to eye witnesses, Mark says different)any way this normally wouldn't have been a big deal if Dad was prepared or at least had his snow clothes on and not his PJ's! So Dad planned a sweet revenge, while James (my bro -in-law) and Mark were enjoying the hottub, Dad took the towels and locked the boys out of the house! Then sneaks out the side of the house and tackles Mark in the snow with nothing but his bathing suit on! Now you have to give Mark credit b/c he would not go down without a fight! My Dad was a big football player and is a strong man, but my man Mark would not let go of the door, in fact he almost broke the hinge! I had to post this picture because it is the most PG the rest are a little flashy! But for your viewing pleasure my brother recorded the whole debacle and is going to post it on You Tube, (yes it really was that funny!) So i will keep you posted on where to find it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fallen Snow Angels

I am the one whose face got covered by Amber's snow!

Hey Ya'll

Hey could someone please tell me how to check out other people's blogs and put them on my page so I can check them out? I want to look at everybody's!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

HAHA I am getting better

Ok ya"ll I am getting better! I did this on my own just think when someone who knows what they are doing helps me, it will be amazing!

Elk Reservation Sleigh Ride James and Mark's Igloo