Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok I have nothing new!

I haven't updated this thing because nothing new has happened! I am so excited to leave for South Carolina on Friday that I can't stand it! I have already packed Ayden and for me you know that is crazy because I am the procrastinator of the century! Obviously this snow/rain/ piss me off weather is really getting to me!So I am ready to escape! The thought of laying out in the sand with my white chubby belly hanging out sounds nothing short of paradise! (At least for me, not the people passing by!But hey who cares what they think!)Ayden is so excited to fly on the plane and to see his GG and Papa he keeps on asking "Ready to go?" So when something exciting happens if I survive this plane ride across they country with an almost two year old, I will report back!Also lots of sunny pictures to make ya'll stuck here in North Idaho jealous! Just Kidding! I love ya!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well I have to say I can't believe that after a 12 person, beautiful TP job some of you hookers had to go and tell the people we were reverting back to our high school days! Although I am proud that you have a conscious we should have at least let them try to figure out who the amazing, sneaky, seriously skilled individuals were. Now after it was announced over the pulpit that the accomplices are now known, I fear I may all of the sudden get a new calling!
If you didn't already know, one of our girlfriends sadly has been forced to go to the Land of no Return! ( aka Utah) and for her going away girls night we decided to roll our first counselor (and friend's)house. Now, they live in the area with all of the gorgeous big trees in PF so you can imagine what 12 girls with very good throwing arms could do. And yes pictures were taken so Jaylyn honey give me one to put on here!
I also must confess that my son has serious skills with the ladies! I did not teach him these things I promise! After finding him and Kenzie playing sleeping beauty ( Where she would prick her finger, fall on the ground and tell Ayden he has to kiss her for her to wake up,she is 3)I found him laying on top of her Hugging!Last night during our annual "Lost" night Mark found Ayden in the Bathroom with Reese. She was changing into her PJ's and Mark found her unzipping her sweater while Ayden was standing n front of her pulling it open for her.(She had a tee shirt on) Really Ayden has NO idea what he is doing and it really is innocent but oh my gosh it is so funny the things that kids say and do! Reese is also 3 I guess Ayden likes older girls! The funniest part of the evening was when Mark was cooking hamburgers and was standing in the kitchen serving us, when Reese Said"Oh my gosh you have a big thing!" She was talking about his spatula!