Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween party at Mikie and Jaylyn's

I wanted ya"ll to see my awesome little Yoda and sexy Obi -Wan Kenobi, my beautiful little apple(yes that is what I attempted to make London)and a slightly plump Snow White.So I am posting a ton of pictures which I am sure are self explanatory except some of the pictures are foggy because of mikes crazy fog machine!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin patches, pony rides and carving oh yeah!

Well the weather decided to be sunny and a little warmer last weekend so we decided to keep our promise to Ayden and take him to the pumpkin patch up at Greenbluff. We had such a great time just getting out in the fresh air, it was great! Ayden loved riding the pony and the little wiggly worm ride! Not to mention just running around with the other kids. A couple days later we went to Missy and Jeremy's to carve pumpkins and they turned out awesome!Here are some pictures from these events.

Monday, October 12, 2009

One new London pic

So our little girl is still doing great, she did get a little cold, probably from the seasons changing and it getting cold really fast here in the frigid NW. But other than that she is sleeping for six hours the first stretch of the night, which rocks my world I almost don't know what to do with myself. Oh wait I lied, Mark has me running his errands all over creation! Which is hard with two kids( you mom's with more are CRAZY TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!) I never want to take the kids out of the car especially to drop off a piece of paper, so I have been doing many illegal things lately. Like pulling up in the closest spot to the door even if it is handicap so I can see my car at all times and then running in and dropping crap off or whatever it is with my car running, kids sleeping and windows up! Please don't call CPS these things never take longer than 30 seconds and I repeat I can see my car at all times! But still it sucks! On a happier note My awesome husband is doing an awesome job on our house and we should be in it by the 27th of October! YEAH! Now to sell the one we are in!let me know if you know anyone looking!Anyway I know all of this is random I just wanted to post one new picture My mom took, She sent me one to satisfy me until the others get here!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

London Alyssa Pulsipher

Our little Family
London"s first week
London's Second Day home
Finally I am taking some time to post some pictures of our beautiful little girl! London was born on September 17th 2009 at 1:22pm. She was 8 pounds 8ounces and 20inches long! But then a week later she was 21 so I think they just didn't stretch her out good! Ha ha!Anyway my labor was awesome really, my epidural was so good I could move my legs and toes , but didn't have to be in pain through contractions! Then when it was time to push her out, I felt like I could feel everything! Which turned out to be a good thing because I was going to push her out in like 3 pushes, but I had to wait for the Dr to come in so, he strolled in as she was crowning out and with a total of 5 pushes she was outta there! It was so great! London is an amazing baby she sleeps like a champ and is really quiet and quit the snuggle bug.I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family! I will post new Pictures from London's first photo shoot with GG (her Grandma)when she finishes them and sends them to me!