Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ayden cooks Dinner!

- Don't worry the stove is not on and the pot is not hot!-

Ayden has been a little ball of energy today holy cow!We have been on two bike rides, one to the park ,played at the park, gotten his haircut, played on his airplane, you name it we did it, we were having a blast today! But when we had to go in so I could cook dinner, I was thinking Ayden was going to pitch a fit,but instead Ayden said "I want to help you ,so after we make it I can go ride my bike!"I was super excited he wanted to be in the kitchen with me instead of me getting him something every five seconds while he watched tv or played while I cooked. Let me tell you he was amazing! he was SO into it! He pour all of the ingredients together in the Kitchen aid, helped me put the cheese in the Cuisinart to shred it, chopped everything with me and loved watching the Kitchen Aid mix it together! We then baked it and made rice! I had never made poppy seed chicken before but it was so easy even an almost 3 year old could do it! It turned out to be so good, so Mark rewarded Ayden by taking him out and teaching him how to ride a real bike with training wheels( one we had given to us from a kid down the street,I didn't think we would actually use it for a long time, but hey it came in handy, thanks Jones fam.)Anyway Ayden is totally into learning new things and he is picking this up great! Sorry if it sounds like I am bragging about my kid, I am just really proud of him and his behavior today!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today Jessica and I took the kids to the park in CDA and it was so windy we decided to call it a day early. But, Ayden had his big wheel in the trunk so we went over to Jessica's and let the boys ride a round for a little while. Needless to say it was entertaining the boys love to say" I am going to beat you!, I am going to win!, I was first!, I beat you!, no you didn't!, Wait for me !"Every phrase was said by both boys, I guess you can say they hang out enough to say the exact same phrases!What can I say? boys will be boys!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More sun!

Tiff S., Tiff D, Shay, Xan and Katie Having fun at playgroup!
Xan and Tiff
Addisyn(Tiff D's 2nd girl!)
Kimber(Tiff D's 3rd girl)
Kenley( shay's little girl)London's girlfriend
Jay my girl Katie's Little boy, London's pal!
Jonas Our little buddy!
Ayden LOVES baseball (good thing his middle name is Dodger)!

Kimber, London, Jay and Kenley!
Sorry you are going to see tons of pictures at this park right behind our house! If the sun is out so are we and all of our little friends!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random things

Yes he has chocolate on his face!
Cousin Alex

Alex and London Talking about the crazy kids running around!
Ayden and Nathan
Brother and sister talking about how London is rolling both ways!
Ayden (2 1/2) Reese (4 1/2) Logan (6)
Transformer undies AWESOME!

How do you and your friends spend a friday night? Bathing kids? We Did! It all started when Reese (my bf's daughter) said "eww my hair is greasy!" I said "I have a tub..." "Is it big?" "I think so, you come see..." "oh yeah! Do you have bubbles?" and that is how it began, then the boys saw her and they wanted a turn! Needless to say all the kids were clean before our adult night began! So here are some pictures of that glorious event. This week Jessica (my sis-in-law) and I went to the mall She has all these coupons and is the bomb, me I have an addiction to gymboree . Anyway I love the little playarea at the mall the kids get to run around and we can bribe them the whole time we shop"you won't get to go to the tree and play if you don't listen! ... "you better stay close or you won't get to ride the motorcycle"... HAHAHA a mother's dream!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh man Sunshine!

Today I woke up to go to the gym at 6 am with my girlfriend Corinne and lo and behold I had a flat tire! ahhh it was sucky! so I was forced to go back to sleep(I didn't want Mark to have to wake up early and fix it)but when he did get up a little bit later he was the amazing man he is and put air in it so I could drive it to go get it fixed! to make a long stupid story short My awesome girl Missy picked us up so we didn't have to wait while I got a couple new tires. But after keeping Ayden and her kids quiet in the chiropractic office we decided to go to the park!Ayden was playing having a blast and it totally looks like he was posing for these pictures but the funny thing was he wasn't!By the way it was 58 degrees and sunny!yey bring on the spring weather!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with Grown ups (and one adorable baby)

My handsome hubby
My baby London and my best friend Missy
My girls Jaylyn and Tiff

So this weekend our wonderful family watched Ayden so we could go out with a bunch of our friends on a group date! Even though it was nothing complicated it was really fun to get out and be with our buddies and not have to tell a two year old "hey get back here! Hey stay close! hey you can get stolen!" you know the usual! So we went out to eat then went bowling and it was just a goofy way to hang out and be care free so here are some picts... nothing exciting but hey it was fun