Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I gave in!

OK so yes I am a first time mom and I can be a little anal with somethings, Like the fact that I was not going to take my son on the boat until next summer when he is over a year old because he is just too little to be going out on the boat ! So everyone gave me a hard time about how anal and protective I am, because I don't like dirty little kid hands groping all over my son, I always have to be around him( so it seems) and I wouldn't let him go on the boat.Then my mother and father- in-law bought a pontoon boat and though I told Mark NO a ton of times I finally gave in! I don't know if it was the sitting at home while everyone else went out on the lake having a great time,watching HGTV all day even when I am not at my own house, or the fact that I could be loosing up, but I gave in! And boy does my little man love it!He loves to ride around and look at everybody who is on the boat and in just a few short minutes that kid is out! And although I am still right by his side, it is nice to be out in the fresh air, beautiful lake, and not to mention the Adult conversation!


Emily said...

Yay your first post! Now that you have a blog, you have a great responsibility to update at least once a week or else you will be shunned from the blogiverse. Just kidding. Did you find out how to show your family the blog? Just tell them to go to, just like any other website, and they can see it! I like your pictures. This is long, goodbye!

Monica said...

Hi Xan,
Love your pictures. We had a great time on the pontoon w/ you guys. Come and visit us in SLC if you're ever in town.