Friday, October 12, 2007

ok I suck

Ok I realize I suck at remembering to do this thing but I promise I am going to be if any of you care..if anyone reads this...anyway. So, I suffer from a problem. I suffer from don't touch my son old man, syndrome! No seriously I have been on the brink of being a bad person, but I thought I was improving and then today I proved myself wrong I have become one, I am a Seriously BAD person. I was at the store today buying some sequins for Ayden's stocking.( yes I am attempting a famous stocking)and there was this overwhelming stench of BO( you know Body Odor) and it kept following me around. Now, I know it is not me because I did decide to take a shower today and put on deoderant! So I was pretty confident in myself not smelling.Then I finally realized it when I got to the felt isle. It was the old man. You know, he looked cute in his overalls and little hat but it was the smell that was making me i tried to get away by asking a women a question.It didn't work, I tried to run to the bead isle, but before I could IT HAPPENED..he spoke. I froze! turning around slowly to answer the cute, nice, smelly old mans question. Five months ...thankyou...yes he is...yes he does...smiling all the while thinking.PLEASE DON"T TOUCH HIM PLEASE! His wife came over to comment and all was well. Until, he did it. he touched him. Luckily to my satisfaction it was only on the toes, well where his toes would be if he didn't have on shoes. So, I was halfway ok. I know it is so rude of me to think the way I am thinking but I can't help it! I love for people I know to hold him. I love for people to play with him and get the chance to get to know him. BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I hate it when random people get all up in his face or TOUCH HIS HANDS! Who knows where their hands have been!? I mean really, they could have just went to the bathroom, or picked their butt or nose. Then they are going to put their finger in my kid's hand where that hand is going to be stuffed into his mouth. Every possible finger that can fit in there, with butt/ nose dropplings of some random stranger. Seriously I know I need to get over it, my hands are really seeing the raw end of the deal with all of the hand sanitizer.And what a hypocrite I am because I love for people to look at him and comment. I guess what i am saying is... you must smell nice and look pretty to touch my son... and this is why I have become a terrible person, I need to love every smelly person.


Jessica said...

Xan, you are hilarious! And yes, I do read your blog...when you post! :) You need to post more often, especially with cute picture of all of you! (I really wanted to say ya'll but then I thought you might not like that..) I can't wait to see you in December! And, I do know that feeling of "please do not touch my son!!!"

Emera said...

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