Friday, December 28, 2007

Croopy Christmas

Ok what is it about the Holidays that can bring out the worst in you? I mean this year I really sucked! I couldn't wait for Christmas to be over! I am usually the one who loves Christmas and decorating and getting presents for everyone and all that jazz. But for some reason I have been a Scroogette. IT IS NOW OVER! yeah yeah yeah! Don't get me wrong, Santa was good to me and it has been really fun seeing all of Mark's Family, but I am POOPED! We have been out till like 1 am every night and it has been snowing like crazy here so driving home on icy roads, scary.It takes us 45 min to go 22 miles. Anyway let me get to the point of why Christmas kinda sucked this year.. Ayden poor little Ayden got Croop on Christmas Eve! I am not talkin a little bit of a cough, I am talkin about a sea lion jumping into my sons body and hacking up a cough! The poor kid couldn't get to sleep, I tried the cold air out side( like the DR said) and the steaming shower( like the DR said) and nothing seemed to help. What made the situation worse was the fact that we were at my mother and father in laws house and it was packed with our awesome family, so we slept on an air mattress on the Floor in the Basement. Now this wouldn't have been so bad if the air would stay in and that thing would stay firm, and if my adorable little nephew Nathan didn't have an ear infection and cry from 1-3 AM! So every time Nathan screamed, Ayden woke up, (don't tell Jessica she feels bad already) needless to say we got no sleep. So then I spent all of Christmas being the emotional wreck I am because I got no sleep and I am worrying about my poor little sick child, stressing that I really need to take him to the Dr,yet it is snowing and I am praying he will make it till tomorrow!LUCKILY he did, he made it till the next day and I took him to the DR who then juiced the kid up on steroids( don't worry we didn't work him out so he won't beat up any kids with his super strength) But we will have to confess of his use when he becomes a pro baseball player. Anyways I am DONE being dramatic, everything is fine and I am going to chill out, ( it is very therapeutic to write all of this out)!

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