Saturday, January 19, 2008

Laker Game in Seattle

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to Seattle and watch the Laker game! I bought Mark tickets on the 7th row for Christmas this year. We ended up taking Mark's brother Adam (his wife was pissed) and Mark's best friend Jared with us also. We decided to go a day early so we could see a little bit of Seattle so we booked a hotel for Sunday, Monday, and we would go home on Tuesday. So I looked online to research what hotel we should stay in, what rate we could get and one that would be Great but still reasonable.I looked at like 100 hotels on and found this really cool looking hotel called Hotel Max in downtown Seattle, it was modern and looked like it had really cool amenities, but Mark insisted on us being in walking distance to Key Arena where the game was, so we didn't have to find and pay for parking. So I read the reviews for this Hotel one block from key Arena Called the Mediterranean Inn, people gave it four stars, said the beds were comfy and the service was great.Not to mention it was only $95.00 a night. Ye-haw I love Hotels, it is really one of my favorite parts of the trip, someone cleaning you room, leaving new towels, a mint on your pillow. Oh I couldn't wait! We get to Seattle at about 7:00pm and after a wonderful dinner with my friend Tippy(who has just introduced me to her girlfriend Sarah who she is now engaged to)We make our way to the hotel!As we ride up the Elevator I am thinking "oh this could be nice i mean the elevator is clean and it is really close to the arena." But I am really thinking OH S*%@! How bad is this going to be?! We open the door and it hit me BAM! You are in the seventh layer of HELL! There is not enough room to all get through the door without making it into the entire room, there are two double beds, not queen, double! The comforters were all stained and gross oh my gosh it was bad!The comfy beds I was promised felt like I was sleeping on a board! And you know what I was the most upset about? Those stupid people who said this was a good hotel! They must have had a similar experience and just wanted to screw over the next little traveler! The boys wouldn't let me check into a new Hotel although I was so tempted to burn the place down, the trip was still fun! We ended up running around town(which I will never do without another girl to convince them we have to go shopping)because they just sat in massage chairs in Sharper image while Ayden and I roamed around by ourselves in the rain. But the Game was GREAT! The seats were great and the game went into over time and we won!So over all the trip was great,but my words of advise are: Never go with men who will not go shopping and are to cheat to go up the Space needle(ADAM AND JARED)ad NEVER LISTEN TO THE ROOM EXPERIENCES AT EXPEDIA.COM!
You might get screwed over!

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