Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh crap I actually blogged!

Bet you didn't know we had Obama at our Party!
King Mark and Nacho John
Doug, Sally, Mark, Ayden and Xan
Our little Kingdom
Ok so I know I suck so bad at blogging and then I got to thinking...why? It is not like I am so busy in my lovely little life that I cannot sit down to write a couple of lines and let everyone know how we are doing.Matter of fact, most of the time my butt is sitting down anyway so i figured today would be the day I resolved the problem.The problem being my AKA name: Lazy. Also known as Xan(see picture in dictionary). I have decided to stop sitting on my butt letting life pass by saying "Now why am I twenty pounds overweight?"oh yes I have a gym membership but it is just too far away and I am back to AKA Xan. So today I turned on my superhuman power called mom/housewife.Her name is Amaxan ( amazing Xan). She comes out once or twice a year when I feel like I have to prove myself as a women and prove to my husband I am good at something other than spending his money. Well, our money but you know what I I have cleaned house, put a roast in the oven ( no man can not love a women who's house smells of roast)and got ready for the day, now I am blogging about how awesome I am, only to see my house revert back to its former state by the end of the day! But hey it is great!
All joking aside, everything is going great for this Pulsipher family. Ayden is growing like a weed and is getting more fun every day! He says alot of words and laughs at himself all of the time! one of my favorite things he says is every time he passes gas he says "TOOT!" It is so funny! He is now 18 months old and seriously I know it sounds so cliche' but it has FLOWN by! he was a knight for Halloween and Mark and I had a great time taking him trick or treating. He could say tick o tet which was awesome even though you could barley make out what he was saying, and just like his mom, we found him hiding in the corner the next morning eating candy bars through the wrapper! Mark was a very sexy King/knight for Halloween and was the hit of every party we went to! He is doing good even though it is starting to get closer to snow and winter, everything with work is peachy. He is very hard working and things are moving along well with his business. Laker season has started and so far has been AWESOME! We smell a Championship coming on, no really this time, not like last year. I hope everyone is doing great! I don't even know if any one reads these, but IF you do I am going to be keeping it up better, so see ya later!


Kristin said...

I love the costumes!!! you all look like you had a blast... i wish we didn't move and we only lived 2 hours away from you guys again!

Proctor Funk said...

Yay Amaxan, I am so glad that you are bloggin babe!! I am a continual blog stocker, so don't let me down! hehehe! I loved your costumes! I have to say, Vinny's was awesome too! I liked your board tonight! It rocked, I can't wait to get mine done....maybe it will get done before Christmas! Yikes! Anyway...I will yack at ya laters! BYE!

Annie Sorensen said...

You crack me up xan! You r little boy is getting tall. I still remember you having him. That has gone by fast. Oh, so did you start the clomid yet?

Anonymous said...

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