Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Baby Cousin

Friday Morning at 8:11am a beautiful baby girl was brought into this world. Riley Sage Gross was 7lbs 3oz and 19inches long. Both Kristen, my little sister, and the baby are doing great! I can't believe that the baby of our family has a baby! I am so proud of her, she is already such a great mother and that little girl is going to be the best dressed kid you have ever seen! Ayden is obsessed with her, which I am sure makes Kristen nervous because he wants to be all over Riley, but it makes me feel good that he is accepting of a baby, it gives me hope for when London comes! If only she was due a month earlier I might live to see her come, but since I have 10 weeks left and I am already uncomfortable, I am doomed! On Sunday I told Ayden I couldn't do something because I was too big and he looked at me with this really concerned face and Said "cause your a giant, Mom?" It was so cute and yes it is because I am a giant Ayden!


Kristin said...

That is one sweet little girl. Congrats to your sister. And it looks like you will have a great helper with Ayden!

Doug & Stef said...

Yay for Kristen! Oh my, that is the sweetest little picture ever!!!! I'm sure you will be able to get one just as cute when London gets here. My last ten weeks went by super fast, so I hope yours do too!