Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Moon

Well I am done thinking this little girl is going to come and I am just going to start relaxing and try to forget all about labor! Ha ha ha!Yeah Right! Earlier this week some of my girlfriends decided to take me out bowling to possibly induce labor and although it didn't work because here I am writing this with no new baby girl, it was so much fun! I of course started out bowling so terribly it was ridiculous! Missy of course won the first game, with Tiff S. right behind her leaving Tiff Duce and I in the dust! But out of some stroke of Luck I was bustin' it on the second game and Won! I even broke 100 which is like a miracle for me!=)Anyway, afterwards we went back to Tiff's and met some more of our girls for some ice cream and a long lovely chat. It was just what the Dr. ordered!( although I would have liked a little baby on the side) It was perfect so thanks ladies!

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Jessica said...

I'm sad I wasn't able to come with you...but I'm glad you had fun!