Friday, September 4, 2009

ok new baby update

Holy crap ya'll this water retaining seacow wants to have a baby!My feet are freakin' Huge! Ok it never got like this with Ayden so I am hating this additional bonus to pregnancy! I also think I am too impatient to wait any longer therefore I am going to have this little chick! At the Dr today I was 3 cent. and 80% so at least I am progressing and who knows, maybe something exciting will happen and I will go into natural labor, which I will have no idea what is like because I have never experienced it! Well, Ayden is doing awesome! He is the funniest kid ever, he is an amazing listener, except when I am asking him to do something and will repeat everything you say, so watch what you say...Mom learned this the hard way...I don't want anyone to get offended so I won't give examples but they are great if you need a laugh, call and ask!Mark is the hottest general contractor in the whole world and our house is looking awesome I will go take some pictures tomorrow to post but it is just about to be textured so it is dry walled and taped! Yeah baby! It's coming along hopefully we will be in by the 2nd week in October.I know none of this is exciting to you, but that is what is going on in the life of the Pulsiphers!

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Dan and Maggie said...

Oh Xan, that last four weeks of pregnancy just stinks! You're doing great and you look fantastic. Hopefully she'll make her debut soon!