Tuesday, January 19, 2010

our kids are growing too fast!

I know her hair(peach fuzz) looks red but it is the curtain behind her!
oh yeah I can do that

Ayden's turn to feed her
ooooh After her first bite.

Well it just feels like time is flying bye! London turned 4 months on Sunday! I can't believe how big she is, she really is the sweetest baby in the whole world. So lately everytime we eat I have put her in the bumbo sitting on the table in front of me and she does this stare me down, watch me eat, open her mouth copying me thing,so i decided yesterday I would give her some rice cereal for fun to try and she likes it alot! Of course you know how it is she really just nurses all day but now at night she gets to do both rice cereal and awesome mommy milk! Go London. I really don't care that some of you think she might be to young...have you seen my baby? Anyway Ayden is hilarious and loves playing with his cousin Nathan, today Jessica and I took them to this big indoor playground and let them run free! We then took them to Mc Donalds for lunch where they got these Alvin and the Chipmunks toys that annoy the crap out of you, but hey it was over all a great day.


Ryan and Carrie said...

yeah my kids are obsessed with those alvin toys but it is my fault because I had Ryan take them Christmas Eve to the new movie with the girl chipmunks which Chloe loved!! Now the toys are missing...hmmmm..Anyways, London is adorable! She is so stinkin gorgeous! I love looking at your blog!

JKGROSS said...

I love that picture of Ayden and Alex, so cute. Don't you just love when your baby can start food? It doesn't seem to give you that much of a break, but oh, it's just the thought that in the future they will be eating real food :0) So nice.

Doug & Stef said...

I gave Weston rice cereal at 4 months, in fact it was a little before. I was willing to try anything at the point. You're the momma, baby!