Tuesday, January 12, 2010

we have been busy

Well sorry I have taken so long to give y'all any updates we have been very busy! We moved into our new house the first week in November and we are loving it so much! I still haven't got everything put away but I will post pictures really soon of what it looks like! I am so proud of Mark, he built us a beautiful home! The Kids are doing great, Ayden is the biggest talker in the world and thinks he is really funny! He has decided he is now a big boy for sure and is completely Potty Trained Yeah! I am so excited for him he loves it and even though he is only 2 1/2 I felt like he had been pooping forever in the toilet but would never pee. Really it is because I was a huge slacker because once we stuck to it he was trained in like three days! It was Mark's family's year this year and they decided to take us to beautiful California for Christmas. We had lots of fun taking the kids to Disney and Lego land, a Laker Game,and hanging out with family we hardly get to see anymore! Here are a few pictures of us lately.


JKGROSS said...

Fun! Can't wait til next Christmas. Hopefully we'll all be together! You looked beautiful in all your pictures. Can't wait to meet London and see your house in person!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I was wondering if you took any pics of your ufn CA trip!! Looks like it was a blast :) Your house is beautiful, I LOVE it! It is so easy to be there, it's just got a welcoming pleasant energy to it, that could also have to do a little bit with how freaking awesome you and Mark are! Welcome back to blogging my friend!