Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with Grown ups (and one adorable baby)

My handsome hubby
My baby London and my best friend Missy
My girls Jaylyn and Tiff

So this weekend our wonderful family watched Ayden so we could go out with a bunch of our friends on a group date! Even though it was nothing complicated it was really fun to get out and be with our buddies and not have to tell a two year old "hey get back here! Hey stay close! hey you can get stolen!" you know the usual! So we went out to eat then went bowling and it was just a goofy way to hang out and be care free so here are some picts... nothing exciting but hey it was fun


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Looks like fun!

Kristin said...

It looked like a lot of fun, Xan! And I so know what you mean about telling Ayden to sit, stay, and other commands. lol. Logan is the same way... he's gotta get into everything and test the waters. He is pure trouble... :)