Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random things

Yes he has chocolate on his face!
Cousin Alex

Alex and London Talking about the crazy kids running around!
Ayden and Nathan
Brother and sister talking about how London is rolling both ways!
Ayden (2 1/2) Reese (4 1/2) Logan (6)
Transformer undies AWESOME!

How do you and your friends spend a friday night? Bathing kids? We Did! It all started when Reese (my bf's daughter) said "eww my hair is greasy!" I said "I have a tub..." "Is it big?" "I think so, you come see..." "oh yeah! Do you have bubbles?" and that is how it began, then the boys saw her and they wanted a turn! Needless to say all the kids were clean before our adult night began! So here are some pictures of that glorious event. This week Jessica (my sis-in-law) and I went to the mall She has all these coupons and is the bomb, me I have an addiction to gymboree . Anyway I love the little playarea at the mall the kids get to run around and we can bribe them the whole time we shop"you won't get to go to the tree and play if you don't listen! ... "you better stay close or you won't get to ride the motorcycle"... HAHAHA a mother's dream!


JKGROSS said...

Cute pictures. They are so dang cute! Keep looking at my blog cause I update it but it doesn't show that I have. Can't wait to see yall! Love you!

Dan and Maggie said...

Adorable outfit on London as usual. You have such cute kiddos!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Your kids are so cute. We sure missed you guys and can't wait to hang out!!

Anonymous said...

what's in the undies is nice too, LOVE little boys