Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today Jessica and I took the kids to the park in CDA and it was so windy we decided to call it a day early. But, Ayden had his big wheel in the trunk so we went over to Jessica's and let the boys ride a round for a little while. Needless to say it was entertaining the boys love to say" I am going to beat you!, I am going to win!, I was first!, I beat you!, no you didn't!, Wait for me !"Every phrase was said by both boys, I guess you can say they hang out enough to say the exact same phrases!What can I say? boys will be boys!


Dave and Ash said...

Hi dude, I forgot to call your British butt back. I didn't get home that night until after 8. Crazy, I know. Thanks for the invite-- maybe next time!

JKGROSS said...

CUTE! That is so fun that they are so close they get to hang out all the time. :0)