Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ayden cooks Dinner!

- Don't worry the stove is not on and the pot is not hot!-

Ayden has been a little ball of energy today holy cow!We have been on two bike rides, one to the park ,played at the park, gotten his haircut, played on his airplane, you name it we did it, we were having a blast today! But when we had to go in so I could cook dinner, I was thinking Ayden was going to pitch a fit,but instead Ayden said "I want to help you ,so after we make it I can go ride my bike!"I was super excited he wanted to be in the kitchen with me instead of me getting him something every five seconds while he watched tv or played while I cooked. Let me tell you he was amazing! he was SO into it! He pour all of the ingredients together in the Kitchen aid, helped me put the cheese in the Cuisinart to shred it, chopped everything with me and loved watching the Kitchen Aid mix it together! We then baked it and made rice! I had never made poppy seed chicken before but it was so easy even an almost 3 year old could do it! It turned out to be so good, so Mark rewarded Ayden by taking him out and teaching him how to ride a real bike with training wheels( one we had given to us from a kid down the street,I didn't think we would actually use it for a long time, but hey it came in handy, thanks Jones fam.)Anyway Ayden is totally into learning new things and he is picking this up great! Sorry if it sounds like I am bragging about my kid, I am just really proud of him and his behavior today!


JKGROSS said...

The best part of all those pics, other than seeing ayden was I got a glimps of your kitchen...beautiful.

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Nice job Ayden! That is so neat, I'm proud of him for making dinner with you too! How cool that he is on a big boy bike... yay Ayden!!